Boarding - Pinewood Kennels
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Pet Boarding

Boarding is our most used feature here at Pinewood Kennels

We offer overnights for as short as a one night stay, to as long as a full month stay. For smaller dogs we have black wired crates for them to stay in. Our small dogs are kept in a separate building than the large dogs are. We let the small dogs out at the same time, with your permission, to give them play time together so they can make new friends during their stay here with us! We also play music and movies for them all day to make them feel more at home during their stay. We spend one on one time with all of the dogs during each let out. You can be confident that your pet will get belly’s rubbed and play time with us!

Large dogs are kept in runs in a separate building. In each run we can fit two large dogs, if they’re from the same household. During let outs the dogs can see and play along the fences. They will not get physical contact with other dogs unless you ask for them to have that play time. We have a black lab of our own that loves playing with any other dog, so she is a welcome playmate for your pet if you would like. In the large dog building we play movies for them all day, we have movies ranging from all genres for different background noises to help them feel more at home. The runs are not made so the dogs can go outside at their leisure, we physically let them outside and play with each of them.

  • One Dog

  • $25/night
  • Two Dogs

  • $40/night
  • Three Dogs

  • $55/night
  • Four Dogs

  • $70/night

Overnight Boarding

We offer both short and long-term boarding options. Our smaller dogs are boarded in a separate
building from larger dogs. We do allow dogs to play together during let out times, unless specified
otherwise by you. We will use our best judgement when pairing up dogs to let out together, keeping in
mind sexes, ages, injuries, etc. We also do our best to ensure that your dog gets adequate playtime with humans during their stay!

Our guests are let out every 2 ½-3 hours daily, beginning at around 7am, and ending around 9pm. Meals are given around 7 am and 5 pm, with additional meals given as necessary. We also provide medication administration at no extra cost. We have done everything from pills to insulin shots to dressing changes.

  • Small/Medium

  • $3' x 4'/mo
  • Medium/Large

  • $4' x 4'/mo
  • Large/Extra Large

  • $4' x 6'/mo
Information Needed

To ensure the health and safety of all guests, we require that all dogs are up to date on vaccinations,
which include Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. We ask that you provide proof of vaccinations prior to
boarding with us.

Items to Bring

Please provide food for the duration of your pet’s stay in a hard sided, closed container (like Tupperware or pet food storage bin). You are welcome to bring their own bed, toys, and blankets but please keep in mind we are not responsible for any lost, forgotten, or damaged items. We do provide blankets and dishes.

Boarding Rates

We have a flat rate for each night your pet stays with us.

  • One Dog

  • $30/night
  • $15 each additional dog in SAME KENNEL
    Dogs requiring separate kennels will need to pay $30/kennel/night


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